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Ways to have healthier hair this Summer!

Whether you are trying to have healthier hair this year, or you’re just trying to grow your hair, these are a few things you may want to consider adjusting or adding to your regimen this Summer.

Leave in conditioner. This is one that I never sacrifice in my daily routine. I’ve just made it a habit to throw in a little heat protectant after the shower. It makes your hair feel soft and protects it from all of the styling and daily wear and tear on your hair. Shampooing and conditioning aren’t always enough. Our hair is naturally exposed to sun damage and other buildups every day. Thankfully, some leave in conditioners provide defense against these kinds of damage. A leave in will help your hair feel its best, make styling easier, and protect the hair.  Regular conditioning treatments. If you’re highlighting or coloring your hair, or you just want your hair to feel it’s very best, this is for you. A conditioning treatment is a great thing to add to your weekly routine or salon visits. If you’re getting your hair highlighted, it is important to have a reconstructive treatment in your regimen. If you are coloring your hair or you just want to maintain your hair's health, a good moisturizing or nourishing mask could do the trick. Masks aren’t something I would recommend doing every day. Though they can weigh your hair down if overused, they will definitely benefit your hair's health when used correctly over time. 

Quit washing your hair every day. Whether your hair is more susceptible to dryness, or you’re just trying to maintain healthy oil production, you should ease up on shampooing. Washing your hair less will help preserve the natural oils in the scalp and keep your length moisturized. If you color your hair; washing less will also help preserve that color. The chemicals in our water and extra shampooing can dry the hair's cuticle by stripping away natural oils. Training your hair to go a day or two without washing will only make it healthier in the long run.  Get a trim regularly. If you are trying to grow your hair out or just trying to maintain your hair's look, a regular trip to the salon for a trim can make all of the difference. Trimming keeps hair healthy as it grows. I always recommend getting a trim at least quarterly for long hair and every 6-8 weeks if you’re trying to maintain a style.  Heat protectant always. If you are putting any heat on your hair (that includes blow drying), applying a heat protectant before you blow dry or before you do any heat styling is essential. Heat protectants provide a barrier between your hair and heating tools which can reduce the damage caused by those tools. Heat protectants can also add moisture, shine, and even prevent split ends.

I hope one or all of these tips can help you achieve your best hair this Summer . If you have any questions about products or about when you should book your next trim or hair treatment, I am happy to help. 

I also have other blog posts about some of my favorite products for healthy hair.  Always here for your hair, Lauren

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