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How to achieve your perfect wedding before you walk down the aisle

Before you walk down the aisle with your perfect hairstyle, it’s important that you take the time to plan your perfect look. Here are some wedding hair tips to make you beautiful on your special day.

I suggest doing some research to find your perfect style. While Pinterest is a great resource, I work really hard at photographing my work and posting on my website and social media so clients can grab inspiration from the work I have done. If you have questions or need advice on finding a style that fits your look, I am happy to provide guidance in that area as well.

Once you have decided on a look, we can book a trial run. A trial is important because even if you think you have the perfect vision, it's not worth the risk of waiting until your wedding day to be sure. It gives us the opportunity to see your vision come to life, and it also allows us time to get acquainted. I recommend booking your trial style far enough in advance so you'll have time to reassess your choice if your style doesn’t work for you. 

Before you book your trial, you should have a few things figured out. It's critical to have already picked your wedding dress, as the design of the dress might work with some hairstyles better than others. You should also have any hair accessories selected, both to test them out, and to make sure we can practice placing them. It’s also important to know the location of your wedding and the season in which it will take place. Depending on whether you're having an outdoor or indoor wedding, the products we use and the style you chose can be influenced by the event's setting. I have some brides who choose to do their trial the day of their bachelorette party or bridal shower. Sometimes it’s nice to have the opinion of your girlfriends, and it’s always fun to have your hair done for those special events as well.

I always get asked what condition the hair should be in on the day of the wedding. I think it is important to know your hair and it’s routine. If your hair is more susceptible to oiliness the day after washing, I would definitely recommend washing and drying it the morning of. It is also vital to consider the time frame for yourself and your bridesmaids. Ensure everyone is arriving with clean, dry hair that morning so it doesn’t add to the styling time. Typically you’re on a tight schedule the morning of the wedding, and an extra 10-15 minutes of blow dry time can really throw that schedule off.

Planning for all of these factors will make your day less stressful and your overall experience enjoyable. I offer on-site styling on the day of your wedding, but the salon can also accommodate larger wedding parties if that is more convenient.

I would love to help make your day perfect, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Always here for your hair, Lauren

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