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FALL into a new color for a fresh autumn look!

Let’s face it, fall is here! Although I am not ready for summer to be over, I am very excited for all of the fall colors. I love the way people transition their hair from sun-kissed blondes and faded brunettes to vibrant shades of copper, chestnut, and chocolates!

This fall in particular, I think we are going to see a lot of variations of copper rose tones. This can be such a versatile color scheme--anywhere from a purple rose look to a peachy copper. I’ve been seeing a lot more of these shades, and I think they are here to stay awhile. I love taking a natural strawberry or dishwater blonde and giving it a beautiful copper violet tone. There are so many subtle ways you can enhance your natural or washed out blonde color with lowlights or an all over tonal change such as the photos below.

I am a sucker for a mahogany and copper look in the fall. I love the way deep purple tones look with a copper balayage. These copper/gold and purple tones have so much depth and warmth. They could be exactly the upgrade your hair needs for fall. This is also a perfect way to transform your hair from a lighter look to a darker tone for the season.

Nothing says autumn like a beautiful chestnut or red toned brown. This is a color I constantly gravitate towards this time of year. There is so much variation and possibility with these colors. I love the depth and richness it adds to any style.

Taking your hair to a beautiful shade of copper is one of my absolute favorite ways to enhance a color in the fall. These tones are just so striking. Copper is another tone that you can have a ton of fun with by adding more reds or mahoganies this can be a color with so much sass.

If you’re considering changing your color up this fall, I hope this article helped inspire you. Fall it the perfect time to make a bold change to your look. I would love to consult with you about any color ideas you’d like to try!

Always here for your hair, Lauren

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