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Everything you need to know about Brazilian Blowout split-end condition treatment

If you have been curious about the Brazilian Blowout, but are not ready to commit. The BB’s express Split end repair is a great option to try!

The Split End Correction Treatment is a 10 minute service that uses Thermo-Marine Bonding System to fill in and bind weakened hair fibers, and mend split ends. This service is only performed on the ends of the hair to instantly repair, mend and seal broken and split ends for up to 4 weeks. The treatment's Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex infuses the hair with vital nutrients to fortify and protect fragile ends against heat styling, hot tools and environmental stresses. The end result of this service is repaired, stronger, healthier ends that are protected against damage. Results last up to four weeks and can be used on all hair types.

This is a great treatment to add to any haircut or coloring service.

The difference between the two is the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment is around a 80 minute service that smooths, eliminates frizz and improves the health of the hair from roots to tips for up to 12 weeks.

Here for your hair,


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