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Don't let your hair get bit by the dog days of Summer.

As the seasons change it’s important to take time to reevaluate your hair health and needs. In the fall and winter I always look for a good moisturizer regimen to help with the dry climate. In the summer I’m usually going lighter with my hair color and spending extra time in the sun and pool. There are a few products I always switch to in the summer to contest those environmental changes.

I like to switch from a winter/spring moisture regimen to a smoothing and repair regimen. I try treat my hair at least once a week with an at home reparative mask. I think this helps fix the damage the sun and bleaching have done to my hair. My go-to masks are the Alfaparf Reparative Mask and the Amika “the Kure” mask. These both leave my hair feeling revitalized and ready to take on a day in the sun.

On the other days I wash I rotate between a a few other shampoos and conditioners. I like to use a pigmented shampoo and conditioner once a week to keep my color looking fresh and intentional. I make custom color Pigments (Is this a specific brand name? If Pigments isn't a brand name, don't capitalize it.) shampoos and conditioners at the salon that are my go-to for this. I love the added benefits these shampoos and conditioners have. Sometimes colored shampoos and conditioners can have extra alcohols that can dry the hair out more, so it’s important that you use these sparingly and only as needed.

The last shampoo and conditioner regimen I like to use in the summer is a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to help with humidity and frizz. These products tend to be a little heavier, but I definitely notice the difference in the feel of my hair. I don’t notice as many fly aways or the texture of my hair changing after an hour in the humidity. These shampoos and conditioners help hold a style longer in the sun. I’m currently using the Pureology Smooth Perfection. I like to keep my after-shower routines really simple in the summer. I always use Alfaparf's All-in-One Fluid leave in conditioner. It always makes my hair feel soft and manageable. I also add a leave-in spray like their anti-breakage fluid or Moroccan Oils Protect and Prevent leave-in spray. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra lazy, I grab a beach wave spray like Alfaparf’s Style Stories Sea Spray. I spray through my hair, scrunch, and go.

After blow drying, I typically add a little oil for extra protection and smoothness through my ends, and then I finish with an anti-humidity spray. Lately, I’ve been loving Joico’s Humidity Blocker Spray (If you're italicizing the other brands/products in the post, then I would do the same wit this one.). It smells so refreshing and is very light weight.

For the health of you hair, I think it’s really important to re-evaluate your hair regimen every season. As the weather changes so does the health of your hair. Consider changing up a few things every season, and you should have healthy hair year-round.

Always here for your hair, Lauren

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