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March Product Spotlight: Spray Wax

March Product Spotlight: Spray Wax - In stock and ready for Spring. Salon 30 in Lisbon / Mount Vernon Who: Anyone wanting to add soft texture to their style. What: A soft wax spray When: Once hair is dry and add mousse before blow drying and styling. Where. All over the hair. Start mid hair and work into scalp. Why: To add light weight flexibility, definition, and shine How: Pump a small amount into palms and distribute through hair. #mountvernon #lisbon #salon #hairstylist #

These Tori Belle lashes are a game changer!

Have you ever used false lashes and fought the hassle of getting the glue and lashes in the right place? I have the no-hassle solution for you, Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes.I am now carrying these lashes at Salon 30 in Lisbon / Mount Vernon and they are a game changer! These lashes adhere with a magnetic liquid liner or mascara. All you do is apply the liner, wait a few minutes for it to dry and set the lashes on top of it and BAM, they last all day! I am carrying several diffe

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