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March Product Spotlight: Spray Wax

March Product Spotlight: Spray Wax - In stock and ready for Spring. Salon 30 in Lisbon / Mount Vernon Who: Anyone wanting to add soft texture to their style. What: A soft wax spray When: Once hair is dry and add mousse before blow drying and styling. Where. All over the hair. Start mid hair and work into scalp. Why: To add light weight flexibility, definition, and shine How: Pump a small amount into palms and distribute through hair. #mountvernon #lisbon #salon #hairstylist #

November Product Spotlight: Cristalli Liquidi

What: CRISTALLI LIQUIDI Who: Anyone who wants to protect their hair from static, or humidity. Also adds shine and manageability to the hair fiber. When: Apply a few drops in hands. Distribute through ends on either damp or dry hair. Style as desired without rinsing. Where: Great as a smoothing serum for either humid or cold and dry climates. How (it works): Used as a final touch to any style. Adds protection and shine to hair. Here for your hair, Lauren #salon #hair

Product Spotlight: Semi Di Lino - Nutritive Leave-In-Conditioner

What: Semi Di Lino Nutritive Leave-in-Conditioner Who: Anyone struggling with dryness or needing extra moisture in their hair. When: Apply to damp hair as a last treatment step before blow drying/styling. Distribute between length and ends. Where: Great for that seasonal dryness and cold weather changes. How(it works): It softens the hair fiber and makes it easier to control without weighing it down. Here for your hair, Lauren #salon #hair

Fight the frizz this winter with a Brazilian Blowout!

Are you tired of damaged, frizzy hair that’s worsens with cold and dry air? It’s time to book yourself a Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment! What is a Brazilian Blowout? It's a semi-permanent way to smooth frizz, soften hair texture and make hair more manageable and easy to style...perfect for fall and winter air. Brazilian Blowouts have a Super Nutrient Complex, making this service a great option for keeping hair humidity-proof, eliminating frizz and providing a protectiv

FALL into a new color for a fresh autumn look!

Let’s face it, fall is here! Although I am not ready for summer to be over, I am very excited for all of the fall colors. I love the way people transition their hair from sun-kissed blondes and faded brunettes to vibrant shades of copper, chestnut, and chocolates! This fall in particular, I think we are going to see a lot of variations of copper rose tones. This can be such a versatile color scheme--anywhere from a purple rose look to a peachy copper. I’ve been seeing a lot m

Don't let your hair get bit by the dog days of Summer.

As the seasons change it’s important to take time to reevaluate your hair health and needs. In the fall and winter I always look for a good moisturizer regimen to help with the dry climate. In the summer I’m usually going lighter with my hair color and spending extra time in the sun and pool. There are a few products I always switch to in the summer to contest those environmental changes. I like to switch from a winter/spring moisture regimen to a smoothing and repair regimen

Ways to have healthier hair this Summer!

Whether you are trying to have healthier hair this year, or you’re just trying to grow your hair, these are a few things you may want to consider adjusting or adding to your regimen this Summer. Leave in conditioner. This is one that I never sacrifice in my daily routine. I’ve just made it a habit to throw in a little heat protectant after the shower. It makes your hair feel soft and protects it from all of the styling and daily wear and tear on your hair. Shampooing and cond

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